The People of the State of New York v. Croman, et al.
Croman Tenant Restitution Fund
Index No. 450545/2016


To receive payment from the Croman Tenant Restitution Fund, you must meet both of the following eligibility requirements:

  1. You are or were a tenant named on a lease in a rent-stabilized or rent-controlled apartment owned by Steven Croman, and you lived in the apartment at some point between July 1, 2011 and December 20, 2017; and
  2. You did not receive a “buyout” of $20,000 or more, not including any amount that purported to cover rent or arrears. A buyout is payment by Steven Croman or his employees or agents in exchange for tenants agreeing to give up their lease and leave their apartments.

Only tenants named on the lease are eligible for payment, but if you are in the process of contesting your status as a rent-regulated or rent-controlled tenant, and have asserted that you are entitled to a rent-stabilized lease, you may submit a Claim Form for consideration. The Claims Administrator or the NYAG may request that you submit additional information to evaluate your application. 

If you meet the eligibility requirements above and would like to participate, visit the Submit a Claim page for more information on how to submit a claim.

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